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Information Security

Viruses, spam, spyware – the list seems endless. Indeed, as technology becomes more sophisticated and accessible, so to do methods of corrupting them. And unfortunately, at some point or another, we will all fall victim to one or more of these potentially dangerous computer threats. So what can you do protect your personal information? You can start by getting informed…

we come across many telecommunication/Electronics equipment in our day-to-day life-like telecommunication equipment including hardware, software and other applications like mobile phone ,laptop computers, TV, etc.. had become a part of our life. But most of us don’t know the technology or the principles behind those inventions. Companies put them all together and with a user manual asking us to do only the predefined functions. But lets say if we think out of the box and try change and make it work differently? Perhaps all our traditional and modern-day inventions are outcome of such innovations and experiments undertaken by different people at different times. Some one who experiment to find bugs are called hackers and one who find a remedy and fixes the bugs are ethical hackers.

Hackers themselves are very useful part in an equation in the growth of technology and computer industry but there is strict difference between both traditional hackers and modern-day hackers. Former used their skills in productive and creative way while later uses it for personal gain. Concepts behind the hackers mind is their ability to play around and willingness to experiment until the working of particular object is either understood or coming out with a way to make it do something other than what it is designed to do. This element have actually benefited us in many known ways. These people are real innovators with determination to pursue something and not just performing 8 to 5 job.

Inspired by the technological growth and willingness to share and grow my ideas with wider community i have started this webpage. I spend considerable time learning articles and tutorials in relation to hacking and vulnerabilities, so i thought posting those information will be helpful for reason one as my own repository and also for creating awareness among normal users.  Main focus will be given to information security with topics from penetration testing, vulnerability assessments and virus informations.

Once again thank you for your time, feel free to share your comments and  ideas with me on brainfold at

3 Responses to “Information Security”

  1. Arun said

    Hi Prem,

    Really awesome informational Site. Creates an awareness. Thanks…

    • brainfold said

      Thanks Arun, To know more about security breaches and possible countermeasures to avoid such breaches in future kindly log on Friday or Saturday every week for the weeks comprehensive review. If anything unclear don’t hesitate to shoot a question.

  2. ABAD CH said

    Dear we want to know how we can check the availablity of brand name in USA

    We are in food line business

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