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Microsoft's free antivirus application

Posted by brainfoldb4u on December 28, 2009

when it comes to PC Security with all the over blowing virus stories it is hard to feel safe online. Security is still not a significant concern for majority of online users. An average/normal user will find no time to worry about the firewall checklist , outbound rules, security updates at every time he get to use his computer. And more over humans are more prone to mistakes by clicking the bad links, downloading an unknown files and executing it without scanning it, getting malware from other computer with pen drive, and example can be many to say.

So it’s no harm to learn about various options that we have in-order to choose a best antivirus software for our need also having an extra layer of protection isn’t completely pointless. Along with PC tools firewall +, Online armor, PC spyware doctor, Comodo Internet security there is another antivirus application from Microsoft and its completely free!! Yeah its a good news for Microsoft lovers. Microsoft has released their Security Essentials pack that has advantages in the landscape of antivirus software. It provides free protection against viruses, spyware and other malware without compensating the system performance like many other firewall applications does. When it comes to speed and routines, installing or running Microsoft’s security essential shows very small disruptions. Even when i tried to download some virus, it immediately identified and blocked them from causing harm.  So its worth trying,  give it a go and feel free to pass your comments if you need more info on how to install them or bugs to report

Microsoft security Essential pack review video

Given said few positives about Microsoft security essentials, its time to decide whether uninstall our other antivirus program that we are currently running or not.  Because it will ask you at the time of installation. But its a quiet simple installation process . Have a look at this video and have your say.

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