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Hi, I am Prem, (a.k.a Brainfold) an Information Security professional from university of Technology, Sydney with dual masters in  Telecommunication Engineering and Engineering Management.  The purpose of this web blog is the outcome of my passion with Information Security. Areas like  autonomous and distributed computing were my primary interest, i also enjoyed researching and knowing more about information security.

If information is wealth protecting our information will make us more wealthier.

As we all aware technology is growing in significant phase, growth of technology enables us to interconnect with each others regardless of  geographic location. Social networking sites like face book, my-space, orkut, twitter helps is being networked and pass information to each other in easy way. But this opens a way for bad eyes to misuse our information and take advantages of flaws in the technology behind. Every day in news you will see information about attacks, hacking, vulnerabilities and exposure.  No technology is basically either secured or foolproof , hackers who take advantage of  technology flaws see no difference in people or organizations. You and me or no different but real difference will be in how smart we are in tackling the attack if it comes to us. So it is absolutely important for every one of us to know what is bad in technology and how worse it can take us.

So here in my blog, topics like information security, attacks, hacking, vulnerabilities, spam, adware and malware will be discussed with focus on ways to mitigate or decrease the effects of risk it own. Secondly you may find huge emphasize on open source tools with mentality of “why pay for the same you get free”. Every week I intended to discuss about a security topic or recent threat with an open source recommendation if possible.  Make sure to find the balance between secured technology and open source, they are often in diverse corners. The real challenge is in getting the balance as narrow as possible and getting a best solution for our technological problems.

I am still not an expert in those fields, but some one who is willing to take steps to combat the threats that we are facing in protecting information assets. On my way so far I am blessed to work with some of the industry talents and here in this web site I am intended to share all those I learn and experimented to those who seek. I call my like-minded friends in similar industry to give their ideas and make the forum more interesting and interacting.

3 Responses to “About”

  1. Sonia said

    Hi Prem,

    I’m so happy to see your blog. and i’m quite surprised! 🙂 you’ve shared very informative and helpful links and sites. Keep it up buddy! Will visit here again. 🙂

  2. Vinu said

    Hi bro,

    Yu keep rockin all de time. So happy to see yu with a blog that too with so much of IT Informative.

    Keep rockin bro………..!

    God bless yu

  3. Beena Thileeban said

    Hi prem

    exiciting to see tremendous information on ur site , keep going …

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