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How to update Google Chrome

Posted by brainfoldb4u on January 23, 2010

Google Chrome is becoming increasingly popular mostly because of its light weightiness and simple design, its being very simple that some of its cool features went hidden. How do i update Google chrome is one among those question frequently asked by users.  A bit of research reveals how this works in Chrome: the update subsystem is displayed as part of the About Google Chrome window, including an indication that there’s a new version.

Steps to get there is click the settings button on top right hand corner of your browser.

Clicking the “About Google Chrome” button will take you to a windows like below picture looking for updates

If you do got an update, you will notice the windows shows a update as below picture.

Upon installing the updates, window will turn into”Your browser is up to date”

Now your browser is up to date. As per Security predictions for 2010, Google Chrome will be the browser after IE and Firefox that attacker may target. So we may receive updates from Google to help us stay protected.

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