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Different google searches

Posted by brainfoldb4u on December 29, 2009

Kind of fun to know the other than normal google there are few other different types of google search pages exists but with different significance here is a consolidated list of each with their links

  • elgooG  [Special]  .elgoog sdrawkcaB     Visit Site (Google backwards, what ever you type in will come backwards)
  • Change the name , Change ME , Visit Site
  • Mystery Google, gets what the person before you had searched. Visit site
  • Scroogle, This site hides your cookies, so Google can’t tell who you are.  Google records sites IP address, search terms and date and time. But this site parse the file and sends the results to the searcher. They don’t use cookies and they don’t save search terms and logs are deleted within 48 hours.  Visit site
  • Googawo (special) site gives us comparison between anyone versus anyone in between Gogole/Yahoo/Lycos . Visit site
  • Epic Google Visit site
  • Weenie Google Visit Site
  • Blackle, dark Google but with shinning colors. Visit Site
  • Pink Google, Visit site
  • Blue Google, Visit Site
  • Yellow Google, Visit Site
  • Green Google, Visit Site
  • Ninja Google, Deadly Accurate.. Visit Site
  • Dinosaurs Google. Nice for paleontologists and time travelers Visit Site
  • Scene Google, Visit Site
  • Emo Google, Visit Site
  • Goth Google, Visit Site
  • G00G|3 H/-\XX0r , Visit Site
  • Iglatin-Pay /google, Visit Site
  • Klingon google, Visit site
  • Elmer Fudd, Visit Site
  • Bork Bork Bork Google, Visit Site

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  1. thanks for posting this

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