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Avatar search, beware of spam

Posted by brainfoldb4u on December 27, 2009

When  i Google to know more about avatar i came across this spam which after a single click delivered some adware and spyware into my computer. When i tried running windows defender it came up with zero infection. Thankfully i had installed free version of PC tools Spyware doctor while ran a scan it discovered 39 fixes that needed my attention just by clicking the site once. Further information about the spam is as follows
If you google with avatar review as search term you will find it in top 5 results and it comes under name Jamaica observer with 2510 related.
I am not dared to try clicking again in my primary machine, but certainly will try it with sandbox and discover further. At this stage I am not certain about typing this site as spam or not, but just a caution to make viewers aware before it causes any harm.
For general audience, in future to avoid such spams from website i would recommend trying McAfee’s free site advisor and openning any new page with their advice or try no-script if you using Firefox. Microsoft site advisors image:

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